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Patrician Treasures

Columbia, South Carolina

Addictive-This fragrance is rich, creamy, and refreshing. Top notes of buddha wood and subtle green- leafy note mix seamlessly with subtle heart notes of rose, jasmine, and creamy gardenia petals. The dry down features fresh vanilla and woody notes. A day or evening fragrance, absolutely fab in perfume, creams or lotions! (Dior type). 

Amazing - A lovely clean floral blend with notes of delicate flower blossoms including Jasmine, Violet and Rose grounded in a very sensual but sheer musk. (Amazing Grace Philosophy type)

Ambra del Nepal
- Nepalese amber laced with earthy cardamom and a creamy full bodied Madagascar Vanilla. Drench your spirit with this deep and plush scent.

Ambre Vanille Noir- A deeply sensual and exotic fragrance, with notes of deep smoky amber, vanilla absolute , tonka bean , orchid , bergamot , bourbon , and musk. Pure seduction! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Androgeny- Pink and blue sugar and a little something else to take the edge off, girlies! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)New!

Angelique - Reminiscent of the most wonderful memories of childhood, chocolate, caramel, vanilla and roasted hazelnuts are resting on a bed of patchouli and a green chypre accord. This bewitching fragrance is truly angelic. If you like Angel by Thierry Mugler, Angelique is a dead ringer.

Angelique Rose - The alluring fragrance of Angelique blended with the sweetest rose petals.

Apple Sugar Champagne- Super sweet candied apples and sparkling champagne are a bright and festive pairing. This is a bubbly combination sure to lift your spirits throughout the holidays! (PT Exclusive)

Apricot Vanilla - This is a truly delicious scent. Strong apricot, touched with a hint of rum and a creamy buttery vanilla filling. Yummy! (Patrician Treasures exclusive)

Apricot Vanilla Fig - Pure apricot, creamy, rich vanilla and delicious fig. (Patrician Treasures exclusive)

Arctic Raspberry-This is a true fresh raspberry scent. No candy or jam here. This succulent fruit scent has hints of green tealeaf, clear ozone air, and snow kissed mountains.

Baby Love - This is a clean powdery feminine scent with notes of poppy, green accord, pink mimosa, creamy white woods, and musk. Truly a heavenly scent! (Philosophy type)

Baby Peachy Skin- A soft, sweet, and lovely fragrance. Notes of jasmine, violet, rose, baby powder, peaches and cream and sheer musk. (Patrician Treasures exclusive)

Banana Butter cream- A delicious blend of bananas, brown sugar, warm vanilla, and sweet butter cream frosting.

Banana Coconut- Sweet bananas, rich coconut milk, black coconut, combine with hints of rum, and brown sugar. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Banyan Fruit&Vertiver- A very unusual scent at once luscious and earthy, ethereal and fruity. The notes are red fig, bergamot, kumquat mandarin, cyclamen, currant, cling peach ,osmanthus ,violet leaf, rosewood, teak, vertiver,,and black amber.New!

Bazooka bubblegum- Pure sweet fun, smells just like pink juicy chewing gum. Yummy in everything!

Berries and Bulgarian Rose - (Baies Type) - An elite composition of rose, berries, currants, mild spices and greens that yield a refreshingly classy upscale fragrance. A beautiful rose fragrance!

Berry Rosie-A gorgeous blend of mixed berries and soft petal roses. Addictive! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Birthday Cake-Luscious white cake with the sweetest vanilla frosting. A yummy comforting scent!

Black Raspberry Truffle- The dreamy combination of hot dense chocolate and absolute cocoa blends beautifully with succulent dark raspberry and other fruity –floral. This scent is too delicious to ignore. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Black Raspberry Vanilla cream – Juicy black raspberries Tart and sweet blended with the richest buttery vanilla cream. Smells fantastic in everything!

Black Vanilla Musk-A perfectly intoxicating fragrance of rich bourbon vanilla essence blended with a sheer and sexy white musk. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Blue Cotton Candy - Mouth watering, sugary, blueberry, cotton candy.

Blue Musk - Muskuline, a blend of musks, woods and aquatics. Unisexy!

Blue Sugar- The long awaited counterpart to Pink Sugar has arrived! It is beyond sexy with a unisex appeal. Notes are toasted caramelized sugar, woodsy cedar, and warm tonka bean. A heart of Patchouil, licorice, French lavender,heliotrope,and coriander. Lilting notes of Italian bergamot, and mandarin are balanced by star anise and fresh ginger. (Aquolina type)

Brown Sugared Fig - Fig, muguet, and coconut entwined with a delicious maple sugar. Amber bottom notes make this a warm sensual fragrance.

Bubblegum Dreams – Yummy bubblegum with notes of light floral, powdery sweetness, vanilla, and other secret ingredients make this a sweet and comforting fragrance. Lovely in our sweet delicious hair and body spray, room spray or in any application. (Patrician Treasures exclusive)

Cacao Obsession
- Positively addictive! This is an elegant fragrance confection infused with eroticism. Passionately warm, unsweetened, dark chocolate dances with vanilla and the surprise lilt of star fruit. A bright and delectable orange zest completes this intoxication. (Comptoir Sud Pacific type)

California Navel Orange - Incredibly strong, pure, orange fruit fragrance, this fragrance reminds me of the orange groves in California just before Harvest.

Candy Apple- This is a true candy apple scent. You can smell the delicious red apple and sugar coated topping.

Candied Rose Petit-Fours- Ambrosial mounds of sweet white frosting, exquisite white cake, and a sugary pink candied rose adornment. Sweet and elegant!! ( A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance)

Cantaloupe- This is a delicious and very realistic cantaloupe fragrance. So fresh and juicy you may be tempted to taste it!

Caramel Popcorn- A sweet and salty blend of vanilla, brown sugar, salt, and buttered popcorn. Compare this with Crazy Caramel Corn by B&BodyWorks.

Carnival Ride-Notes of cotton candy, vanilla, pink sugared sweetness, and rich coconut milk. Pure Fun! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Carolina Moon - Gorgeous white florals including jasmine, gardenia, and muguet combine beautifully with subtle notes of vanilla, apricot, and citrus. A clean white musk adds the finishing touch to this luminous fragrance. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance!) New Item!

Chamomile Rose - Rose petals, jasmine, and spring carnations combine with sweet drops of golden honey in this beautiful soft fragrance.

Child (Type) - An upscale whimsical floral that masterfully dries down to sexy musks and light woods. A celebrity favorite!

China shop - This is an extremely woody floral scent; very exotic, but sweet and accessible; a unique and feminine scent.

Chocolate Bliss-Dark decadent sensual chocolate sinfully blended with rich milk chocolate. Sensational notes of thick fresh cream and smooth butter add a touch of heaven to this delicious blend. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive) New!

Chocolate Ganache Drizzle-This decadent fragrance is a blend of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and vanilla cream. Like a triple layered chocolate cake drenched in dark chocolate ganache!! (Patrician Treasures exclusive)

Chocolate Orange Fantasy- A rich dark chocolate with a cream filled center, is combined with sweet orange essential oil, a light cupcake note adds a mouthwatering note to this to-die-for aroma. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Chocolicious -This scent euphorically infuses orange oils, coriander, and lemon with bergamot, lily, hazelnut, vanilla, malt, and musk. If you like Chocó Lovers by Aqualina, you will love our version of this incredible fragrance.

Citron Provencal- French lavender, citrus royal, and soft floral nuances abound. A delight to the senses.( A Patrician Treasures exclusive)New!

Citrus Tart- Sheer jasmine flowers blended with fresh vanilla meringue. Sweetened fresh lemons add just the right of tartness to this intoxicating aroma. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Coconut Bubblegum- A yummy blend of the creamiest coconut and juicy pink bubblegum. (Patrician Treasures exclusive)

Coconut Cardamom Custard-It’s a tropical cream brulee, but so much more . Made with sweet coconut milk, fresh eggs, jaggerry(cane sugar from India), and spice. A fantastic comfort food scent with a tropical twist.New!

Coconut Cream Vanilla Bean- Toasted coconut flakes , sweet creamy coconut milk , exotic black coconut shavings drenched in a rich vanilla bean aroma. (Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance)

Coconut Tiare-Sweet coconut milk ,vanilla bean, vanilla orchid, exotic tahitian tiare,notes nestled on a base of amorous amber.A beautiful summer fragrance that is sure to please!( A Patrician Treasures exclusive)New!

Coconut Vanilla Mallow- Dark vanilla bean, creamy coconut, and fluffy sweet marshmallow. A dreamy combination!( A Patrician Treasures exclusive)

Cookies for Santa- Delicious buttery rich vanilla sugar cookies with a hint of almond. The perfect holiday treat! (PT Exclusive)

Cotton Candy- Smells like sweet pink fluffy carnival cotton candy.

Crème Brulee - Vanilla, cream, and caramel blend together for this delicious dessert fragrance. It is absolutely scrumptious! There are no coffee notes in our version, just pure caramel sugar.

Cucumber Watercress - Green cucumber and herbaceous watercress that will leave you with a fresh clean feeling.

Delicious – This is a provocatively tempting, yet innocent at the same time scent. This fragrance is a balance of both. Flirty top notes of sparkling grapefruit, fresh cucumber, and rich magnolia, dominate on first sniff. Tangy apple, hypnotic tuberose, and the innocence of a trio of muguet, rose and violet make up the middle. It’s grounded in white amber and warm woods. If you like Dkny’s Be Delicious, you’ll love our version. It’s spot on!

Delicious Red- Notes or apple, raspberry, and rose. This is a fruity floral fragrance. (DKNY Red Delicious type)

Dreamcicle- Intoxicating blend of orange sherbet and vanilla.

Dreamscape - The refreshing juicy pink and white grapefruits, coriander seed, bergamot, and rich fruits and pomegranite are brilliantly tempered by sweet hypnotic Tahitian Tiare flowers. Simply luscious! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance)New!

Egyptian Musk- A sexy unique and upscale fragrance. Can be worn alone or layered with some of our other scents and creams.

Elephant Ears- Delicious deep fried doughnut cake with notes of caramel and sweet cream. Glazed with vanilla frosting, and sprinkled with powdered sugar. A day at the state fair! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance)New!

Enchanted-This lovely fragrance blends has notes of elegant florals, sweet cherry blossoms, bergamot, musk, and warm amber. Beautiful day or night, you will be enchanted! (Patrician Treasures exclusive).

Euphoric-Notes of pomegranate, persimmon, black orchid, lotus blossom, and champaca flower, amber, mahogany wood, black violet, and cream accord. This is an incredible fragrance! (Euphoria CK type)

Exotica - A deliriously seductive blending of creamy coconut milk, white almond, fresh rose petals, vanilla bean, orchid and sensual amber. Light the candles and fireplace you'll be dining in tonight! (Patrician treasures exclusive). New!

Falling For Love- This positively sexy fragrance is a blend of sweet vanilla top notes, with a floral heart, blackberry musk base with a touch of amber. This is a must have fragrance! If you like Falling in Love by Philosophy, you will adore our version.

Fig Tea & Cucumber- Fresh living cucumber and fruity green fig combine harmoniously to bring this very modern aroma to life. Subtle notes of tea leave add just a hint of spice. Soft musk makes this a one of a kind fragrance. Absolutely fresh clean and alluring!

Fire Island Beach- With notes of neroli, tuberose, cardamom, and ozone accord gently mixed with anchors of patchouli and musk, this scent sizzles! ( Fire Island Bond No.9 Type)

Fizzy Raspberry Bubblegum-Raspberry soda and sweet bubblegum are a perfect pair in this fun fragrance. (Patrician Treasures exclusive)

Fizzy Pop- Bright, crisp, sweet and tangy raspberries. Blends beautifully with our My Fantasy fragrance for a sweet juicy candy like confection. Be as yummy as you dare! (Patrician treasures exclusive).

Floral bomb- Dizzyingly floral, delightfully upscale one whiff and kaboom!!! You’re bathed in an explosion of flowery nirvana. Top notes of bergamot , tea , and peony , leading to an explosive floral midsection of real jasmine absolute , freesia , orchid , orange flower , and a kiss of peach , with a warm, sweet dry down of cedar wood , patchouli , amber , leather , musk , and vanilla. (Victor & Rolf type).

Fluffy Marshmallow Cake- Sweet and creamy marshmallows and moist vanilla cake slathered in a rich and decadent vanilla frosting. I’ve died and gone to Heaven!! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance)New!

Forest Muse- Warm, clean, and woodsy, this unisex fragrance masterfully blends fern, cypress, Siberian fir, and pine needles with sweet bay and wax myrtle. Warmed with just a touch of cinnamon and cardamom infused with rich oak moss. A magical elixir named for Diana Adnoba, the forest and river goddess.

French Vanilla Pear- Warm and creamy vanilla delicately balanced with a fresh and true pear aroma. A delightfully comforting fragrance.

Freshest Laundry- This irresistible fragrance captures the scent of fresh and crisp straight out of the dryer clean. Citrus top notes of Brazilian orange and Mexican lime are blended with a green –floral middle of fresh mown grass, cyclamen, rose otto and a sensuous dry down of night blooming white jasmine, and heliotrope and musk.

Frosted Lemon Cake- Calling all Lemon lover’s! This is one not to be missed. Dreamy layered lemon yellow cake, oozing with lemon curd between the layers, and frosted in vanilla lemon icing. Who can resist? ( A Patrician Treasures exclusive)New!

Gateau `a la noix de coco - This is a divine coconut cake fragrance. Coconut cream, rum, vanilla cream and dreamy butter cream icing. C`est Magnifique! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Gateau aux amandes - Almond cake at it’s finest. Buttery yellow cake spiked with rum, vanilla cream filled layers of pure almond essence topped with a dreamy butter cream icing. Mon Dieu! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Gingerbread Cookies- Oven fresh gingerbread spice cookies with buttery vanilla, and rich vanilla cream frosting. A scrumptious delight! (PT exclusive)

Ginger Lime- A fresh Citrus mix with zesty lime. Top notes of lime, muguet, crisp apple, grape, and tangy grapefruit. floral mid notes of jasmine rose and lilac. Ripe plum, luscious peach, ginger and a whisper of camphor. A light musk at the base completes this fresh fragrance.

Gingered Roses - A delicious warm spicy ginger intermingled with a classic rose scent. A marriage made in Heaven! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Gingered White Tea - A delicious fresh Jasmine kissed floral; warmed with sunny hints of citrus peel, ginger tea and nutmeg. ( Bath and Body works type)

Grapefruit and Jasmine – A delightful blending of juicy pink and white grape fruits, zesty lemon and exotic jasmine flowers. (Patrician Treasures exclusive)

Haunting - This beautiful fragrance combines the intoxicating aroma of heady white florals such as tuberose, jasmine and white lilies with luscious exotic notes of vertyver and sandalwood. This beguiling fragrance will haunt you. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance!) New Item!

Heavenly Blue Lotus- A bouquet of the heady sweetness of hyacinth, tuberose ,freesia, orange blossom, and white calla lily balanced by chrysanthemum, linden leaf and pomegranate ,closing with green and woodsy notes of wild celery, cypress and mahoghany. Mystical, hypnotic , floral!New!

Honeysuckle Nectar- Sweet honeysuckle with juicy citrus and green top notes balanced beautifully by clean musk . A refreshing fragrance for spring and summer! ( Patrician Treasures exclusive )

Hopeless Romantic - A deliriously sensual aroma. Classic rose and amber dance on a bed of peonies, jasmine, creamy gardenia, and mandarin. Subtle notes of vanilla and wood complete this dreamy concoction. A fragrance for the hopeless romantic in all of us. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance!) New Item!

Hypnotic- This deeply romantic fragrance has notes of intoxicating jasmine , green fresh moss, almond , sandalwood , vanilla , musk , and cedar wood. This a rich romantic fragrance, feminine and very sophisticated! (Christian Dior type)

I Want Candy! - You can’t help yourself, you still love candy. Pure yummy-luscious watermelon sugar hard candy. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Iced vanilla cupcake - Creamy yellow butter cream cake topped with a heavenly sweet vanilla frosted icing. All the fun with no regrets! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Icy Raspberry - Succulent raspberries, frozen, frosted, crisp and cool. A refreshing treat!

Icy Tangerine - A cool and brisk blend of oranges, tangerines, and mandarins. A crisp frosty treat!

India - A sexy and exotic blend of a citrus top note; light floral middle; floating on a background of patchouli, vanilla, warm amber, and earthy musk. (Patrician Treasures exclusive)

Into The Sea- Light green and aquatic this fragrance opens with notes of green leaves, fresh green herbs in a fruit accord. The aquatic middle dries down to gorgeous woodsy amber. (Into The Blue Escada Type)

Island Paradise - A lovely tropical scent. Lush island fruits, coconut, banana, orange, pineapple; with notes of vanilla, sandalwood, powdery musk, and amber. This is a Caribbean vacation in a bottle! New Item! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Island Gardenia- luscious tropical fruit , sweetly fragranced exotic flowers combine for a rich, lush, and mesmerizing fragrance. ( A Patrician Treasures exclusive Fragrance)New!

Jasmine Blush-A delicate floral medley richly infused with citrus, luscious fruits, and supported by earthy woods. An erotic blending of cream freesia, blonde Israeli orange, lemon and white Japanese lilac. At its heart are middle notes of summer pink jasmine, magnolia grand flora, double pink peony, and tiare flower. Supported with a blend of sacred katsura and beech wood, soft peach skin, and mallow. (Compare with Fresh Pink Jasmine brand) you won’t be disappointed.

Jasmine Tea- Seductive jasmine and sweetly serene green and white tea leaves are a soothing pair in this exotic fragrance. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive ) New!

Jazzberry-Like the smooth and subtle sounds of a jazz quartet in the heart of the French quarter, this fragrance soothes like no other. Erotic notes of sensual jasmine combine effortlessly with the most succulent and juicy raspberry. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Joyeaux Noel- a beautiful blend with notes of juicy baked apples, tangy fresh apple, cinnamon, ginger, sparkling grapefruit, hypnotic tuberose, white amber and warm woods. This is a very wearable warm sensuous holiday fragrance! (PT exclusive)

La Lolita- A refreshing, woody, oriental fragrance with exotic licorice and vanilla combined with light greens, florals and musk. This is a must have in perfume and body creams! (A Lolita Lempicka type)

L.A.M.B(Gwen Stefani Type)-This gorgeous fragrance is a feminine floral powerhouse ! with notes of lily of the valley, water hyacinth, white freesia, jasmine petals, fresh pear rose, sweet pea, frangipani, heliotrope, atop a sensual base of musk and peach skin. There’s No Doubt this will be a hit!

La Vraie Violette- Certainly not a fragrance for everyone but I’m completely smitten!! This reminds me of the violet candies my Tante Adeline used to give me as a child. Only I’ve doused them in damask roses ,soft vanilla, and a touch of baby powder! For the obscenely romantic types. Try in creams and room aroma.(A Patrician Treasures exclusive)

Le Fondant auChocolate- Dark dreamy chocolate filled with rich cream covered in sweet vanilla frosting. A chocolate lover’s nirvana!!( A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance) New!

Lemonilla- True and tart juicy lemon slices dusted with sugar crystals. Blends effortlessly with a mélange of sweet vanillas. ( Patrician Treasures exclusive )New!

London Lemon Curd - Pure lemon sweetened with vanilla, notes of lemongrass, litsea cubea, orange oil, and vanilla. As comforting as a rainy day spent in front of a warm fire, reading a good book. Ah, bliss!

Lemon Icee - A tart and true lemon essence accentuated by the sweetest sugar. The tiniest hint of white lilies adds a certain Jen e Sais quoi, to this stand out fragrance. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Lemon Pound cake- A delicious blend of lemon, angel food cake and buttery vanilla. You will have to resist the temptation to eat it.

Lick Me All Over- As the name suggests this yummy blend of vanilla, orange , pineapple , and cherry will perhaps lead to some interesting encounters!

Lily of the Valley- Airy lily of the valley dominates this gorgeous floral aroma. Delicate notes of jasmine and hyacinth are exquisitely arranged in this truly floral affair. New!

Lime Blossom- A nice white floral fresh blend with a sweet lime accord. A lovely spring and summer scent! (Jo Malone French Lime Blossom type)

Lime Coconut Verbena – This is a very clean and refreshing fragrance. Daydreams of sun drenched beaches and drinking something yummy may occur! (Bath and body works type)

Limeanilla-Candy coated juicy limeade goodness meets a sweet mélange of vanilla goodness. A totally wearable lime.We triple love it!!!(A Patrician Treasures exclusive)New!

Live- A yummy summer vacation evoking fragrance with sparkling fruit, flowers, musk, vanilla and woods. Beautiful!! (JLO Live type)

London Rain - A fresh, clean and elegant fragrance. A harmonious blending of light baby tea leaves airy white flowers and sensuous white musk. Destined to be a new favorite. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Love Cuddle- A sweet cuddle up to your loved one fragrance whom ever that may be. A fresh lightly –floral fragrance balanced by a soft baby powder accord. A comforting fragrance in any application. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Love’s Spirit - An incredibly outstanding fragrance. Notes of mandarin, bergamot, orange, peach, berries, with a hint of musk. If you like Love Spell by VS, you will love our version.

Loves Longing- This fragrance truly represents what the heart longs to convey. It will remind you of that first kiss under a moonlit sky when all seemed perfect and right in the world. Sweet notes of Bartlett pear, White peach, apricot, plum blossom and fresh mimosa blend beautifully with deeply sensuous, stephanotis flower. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

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