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Patrician Treasures

Columbia, South Carolina


Mandarin Mango - A tantalizing fruity citrus fragrance. Fresh green top notes mix with orange, lemon, and jasmine. Mid notes of spice, lilac, gardenia, and camphor. This fragrance is completed with coconut and musk. 

Mango Sorbeto -A blend of juicy mango, raspberries and lemon. This is a deliciously sweet scent with just enough tartness to shake things up a bit. (Tutti Dolce type)

Mango Sugar- Add a little tropical flavor to your sugar. This is a very sweet juicy mango sweetened with light brown and pink sugar . ( A Patrician Treasures exclusive)

Marshmallow Fluff- A creamy sweet marshmallow with notes of bourbon vanilla and frosting. So yummy!! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Me- This is a youthful and fruity floral fragrance. Top notes of red raspberries, bergamot, pink peppercorn, violet, lily of the valley, and iris combine with freesia, white rose, ylang ylang, and Tahitian vanilla. Egyptian sandalwood, musk and blonde woods accord give this trendy new fragrance a luscious and long lasting dry down. (A Paris Hilton type).

Miami- A sexy fruity floral fragrance with pink grapefruit, coconut water, cyclamen, and white orchid. (Miami Glow JLO type)

Midnight Haunting- A sultry southern garden at midnight, a gentle breeze carries in it a waft of exotic gardenia and the intoxicating aroma of Jasmine and tuberose. Bottom notes of vanilla sandalwood. This is similar to our Haunting fragrance only the gardenia makes it even more irresistible. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Mimosa- freshly squeezed oranges and bubbly champagne. A sparkling fresh combination! (PT Exclusive)

Minted Tea- Fresh green tea, cool refreshing mint. A clean, fresh, invigorating fragrance. (Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.) New!

My Fantasy- An invigorating fusion of kiwi, jasmine, chocolate, and musk. This is a gorgeous fragrance that goes well with anything it’s layered with. In my opinion this is better than the original. (Fantasy Britney Spears type)

Mysore Sandalwood-This is a very seductive and hypnotic scent. Mysore sandalwood has a persistent, sweet, and woody base note with a delicate, spicy oriental undertone. This scent also has almost a powdery perfume aroma to it that is hard to describe. It’s simply luscious!

Mystic Moonlight- A most hypnotic fragrance with shimmering notes of sheer musk, tiare, white flowers, baby roses, and sweet violet. Fall under the spell of this intoxicating fragrance. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance)New!

Night Temptress- You know who you are all glammed up in your sexiest night wear. This fragrance will take you from twighlight to midnight and stay the night. Provocative fruit, subtle floral notes, a splash of spicy ginger and the deepest sinfully seductive Sandalwood in existence. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Oatmeal Milk and Honey - A warm and comforting fragrance of sweet honey, light almond, and a creamy heart of milk and grain. Very relaxing!

Ocean Dreams (Giorgio Type) - Our interpretation of the Giorgio Beverly Hills favorite for Spring and Summer. A blend of water flowers, including sea sandalwood and water orange blossom. Refreshing, crisp and delightful!

Oh, Christmas Tree- A symphony of holiday delights. Sugared spruce, cinnamon cookies, brown sugared figs, and candy canes. This fragrance captures the essence of Christmas memories! (PT Exclusive)

Oriental White Tea – A light and airy no spice fragrance. Just light baby tea leaves harmonized for reflective moods. A crisp clean fresh scent. (Body Shop type)

Pacific Coast- A down right succulent fragrance with notes of kaffir lime, dried coconut sorbet, sugar candy, banana flower, Hawaiian salt blossom, apple , sandalwood, powdery musk, and amber crystals. (Pacific Paradise Escada type)

Peony-A gentle sweet and light floral with a sweet vanilla note. Blends nicely with other florals and adds an elegant perfume note. New!

Pink Frosting - The richest vanilla butter cream blended with our pink sugar cube fragrance. A pink sugar sweet indulgence! New Item! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Pink Lace - A simply wicked delightfully sinful pairing of two of the most delicious fragrances around. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance) New!!

Pink Strawberry Cupcakes- Dreamy rich cake battered cupcakes with sweet creamy strawberry frosting sprinkled with pink candy crystals. Heavenly! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance)New!

Pink Sugar Cube - Based in vanilla and caramel, this fragrance smells good enough to eat! Sweet notes of bergamot, strawberries, raspberries and oranges combine in a tempting base of musk, sandalwood and vanilla. If you like pink sugar by Aquolina, you will adore our version.

Pumpkin Vanilla Gelato-A heavenly sweet pumpkin aroma swirled in mounds of creamy vanilla gelato. Save the diet for domani !!( A Patrician treasures exclusive)

Pure Vanilla Cookie - Vanilla sugar cookie and shortbread combined. Pure sweet creamy butter and the richest vanilla. It has subtle notes of nutmeg and cinnamon. Zero calories!

Raspberry Beret- Plump sweet raspberries and soft and silky vanilla flowers abound in this flirty and fresh fragrance.( A Patrician Treasures exclusive)New!

Raspberry Fluff- Our delicious marshmallow, sweet creamy vanilla, frosting, and the finest true raspberries. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Raspberry Ginger- Tender tart raspberries mixed with sharp spicy ginger make for a tantalizing fragrance. The perfect marriage of fruit and spice. New!

Raspberry Ginger Tea- Raspberry ginger blends beautifully with serene green tea. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)New!

Raspberry Sorbet-A berry sensation. Top notes of succulent raspberry, ripe strawberry, apple, citrus, pineapple and plum. Heart notes floral jasmine and sugary peach. The fragrance is completed with violet, powder and vanilla. (B&BW type)

Rich Caramel Cupcake- Rich cupcake, chewy gooey caramel, dulce de leche icing. A sweet sugar fix! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive)

Rich Citrus Cream- A memorable, bright, floral fragrance, with the lasting quality of musk. Green top notes with fresh juicy floral, ozone, muguet and lemon. Middle notes of exquisite rose and jasmine, musk forms the base notes. This fragrance is made with essential oils. (B&BW type)

Rockin Out In Rio- Samba Baby! A sultry and sensual blend of citrus and floral mixing tangerine, pineapple, sugar cane, peach, with a luscious blend of gorgeous tropical flowers. This should be a spring and summer standard fragrance for everyone. (Rockin’ Rio Escada type)

Rose D’amande - Full blossom Damask roses, rich and intoxicating amber, sweet subtle honey, and a pure almond essence. Mysterious, bold and romantic. Is this you? (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Savannah Peach Tea - A fuzzy straight from the tree peach scent, blended with two types of tea fragrances. Y’all are in trouble now! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Sea Glass- This is a gorgeous fresh aquatic fragrance. A blend of marine, citrus, woods, and ozone. Tranquil and serene are the words that come to mind!

Secret Crush- This is definitely a fun and flirty fragrance. Notes are apple, mint, jasmine, and musk. (V S type)

Scandal- An unforgettable and breath taking fragrance. Notes of tuberose, jasmine, jonquil, gardenia, white iris, orange, sandalwood, vertiver, and musk. (Fracas Type)

Scarlet Noir- This fragrance is the simple embodiment of all things sensual and feminine elegance at once luscious and deeply mysterious. Ancient pomegranate, black currant Italian bergamot, sweet raspberry, pink pepper, opopanax, and tart plum are grounded in a complex mix of frankincense, musk, spicy wood and patchouli, creating a fiery and provocative blend. (Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir type)

Shell Seeker- This fragrance captures the essence of fresh sea air. With invigorating notes of fresh ozone, floral, citrus, marine, woods with a light lingering musk. Endless walks along the quiet and serene seashore come to mind! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance) New!

Simply Strawberry- A very realistic strawberry, not overly sweet or synthetic smelling. Great alone or for layering! New!

Sky Blue- This is a fresh aquatic fragrance that opens with cedar, apple and bluebells, a bouquet of jasmine, bamboo and white rose, bottoming out with cedar wood, amber and musk. A very clean fresh scent! (Light Blue D & G type)

Smitten Kitten- The clean wholesome and delicate scent of this fragrance is comforting. Lightly floral and powdery, creamy and fresh, perfect for bath and body products. Floral notes of carnation and violet grounded in musk, and the softest vanilla almond cream base with just a whisper of herbal greens. (Fresh Milk- Milk type)

Snow Angel- Sweet Peppermint candy canes swirled with frosted vanilla cream. This delightful combination is yummy and fresh . (PT exclusive)

So Lovely- A blend of mandarin, bergamot, green apple martini, and lavender. A heart of patchouli, orchid, and narcissus is layered over white amber, red cedar, and sensuous musk. This is a soft feminine fragrance classic and chic! (A Sarah Jessica Parker type).

Sophia Bella- Named after my beautiful daughter, this treasured fragrance earned her the nickname “smells so good” at school. Thus, sending many a customer my way. This is a clean powdery floral fragrance. ( A Patrician Treasures exclusive)New!

Sparkling Pear - A light pear nectar entwined with cassis, violet, and sultry notes of sandalwood that begin at the base and permeate throughout. (VS Pear Glace type)

Spicy Carnation- A true carnation flower scent blends ylang ylang and clove bud essential oils with a touch of jasmine flower. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive) New!

Strawberry Bubblegum- A bubble blowing invocative scent. Sweet juicy fresh strawberry and yummylicious pink bubblegum. Who can resist? (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance) New!!

Strawberry Sugar- Succulent strawberries sprinkled with loads of sugar, sugar! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance) New!

Sugar Plum fairy- a sweet blend with notes of cherry plum , ume blossom, Japanese cherry blossoms and vanilla bean. This sugary blend will give you sweet visions of sugar plum fairies during the holidays. (PT exclusive)

Sugar Sugar- Sugar crystal and sparkling citrus Fruit. This is a deliciously fresh and sweet fragrance. Totally intoxicating! (Sugar Fresh Type)

Sugar Rose Champagne- An elegant and festive blend of pink sugary roses and sparkling champagne. Smell as festive and fun as you feel throughout the holiday season!(PT exclusive)

Sugared Lemon- Notes of Italian bergamot, yuzu, mandarin, lychee flower, orange blossom, ginger flower, oak moss, caramel, and white santal. A beautiful clean, fresh, and flirty fragrance. (Fresh Lemon sugar type)

Strawberry Ice Cream- A wonderfully rich strawberry ice-cream accentuated with smooth and creamy vanilla notes. Spoon licking scrumptiousness!! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance)

Sweet Butterfly- Top notes of blackberry, bilberry, black currant and strawberry. A heart of rose and jasmine on a base of sandalwood, rosewood, almond and ebony. A gorgeous somewhat gourmand fragrance. (Hanae Mori type)

Sweet Mango Tea- Freshly brewed tea leaves blended with juicy tropical mango slices. A sweet enticing fragrance! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.) New!

Sweet Pea-Sweet and enchanting a blend of sweet pea, watery pear, and wild lily that captures the essence of floral elegance. New!

Sweet Sugar Blossom- A sweet and refreshing fragrance with notes of lemon, sugar, white lilies and sweet amber. If you like Sugar blossom by Fresh, you will love our version.

Sweeter Than the Rose- Antique damask roses and sweet pink sugary goodness collide for a spectacular upscale boutique combination. We adore it! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance) New!

Sweet Vanilla Cream Puff- Mouth watering sweet vanilla frosting, powdered sugar, with the slightest hint of rum, almond, coconut and cream cake. Heavenly!! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

Sweet Vanilla Rose- Antique damask roses tempered with a sweet and light vanilla sugar essence. Pure romance!! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance) New!

Tahitian Gardenia- This is a beautifully sensual aroma. It is a popular middle note in many fine perfumes. Tahitian gardenia blends well with vanilla, citrus scents and many other florals. New!

The Goddess- This floral fragrance opens with a white flower trio of gardenia, rosebuds, and cedrat, the exotic and spicy middle notes of blue lily, black pepper, hyacinth, and south African seringa flower are richly enhanced by the woodsy-musky bottom notes. (A Baby Phat type).

The Princess- Notes of water lily, lady apple, mandarin meringue, golden apricot skin, ripe pink guava, Tahitian flower, wild tuberose, dark chocolate, pink frosting, precious amber, forbidden woods, royal musk, and chiffon vanilla. Put on your tiara gorgeous! (Vera Wang princess type)

Tibetan Teahouse- A most exotic chai blend, this is a very unique and smoky scent. More incense than tea, this fragrance has a velvet darkness, mystery , warmth, and softness that’s hypnotic. Along the lines of dragons blood and nag champa.. more than just tea. Notes include star anise, cardamom, orange peel ,ginger , …plus the erotic sweetness of jungle flowers, most notably champaca. Grounded with vanilla resin, amber, teak ,amber and incense notes .Simply gorgeous!

Tropic- A refreshing floral, fruits and flowers, a sweet rich aroma with low notes of white musk and amber. This is a drool worthy fragrance! (Tropical Punch Escada type)

Tropical Heatwave- Juicy mango , raspberries, lemonade, tropical flowers , musk,vanilla ,and woods. A sexy blend for those hot summer days and nights! (A Patrician Treasures exclusive )New!!

Tuberose- A beautiful single note fragrance. Just straight tuberose. Tuberose is a lovely white floral scent reminiscent of jasmine, gardenia, and stephanotis. It’s a breathtaking aroma. It also has a creamy perfumed quality about it. Lovely alone or for layering.

Ultra Violet- At once wicked and innocent. This scent is a fusion of venerable and contemporary. Notes of violet, iris sweet clover, rosa rugosa, lavender, heather, angelica, basil leaf, sweet fennel, oak moss, and labdanum.

Ume Blossom- This delightful and gorgeous fruity floral fragrance combines sweet notes of Bartlett pear, Apricot, white peach, plum blossom, with fresh notes of mimosa and spring air. Now you’re ready for those colorful spring dresses and sexy strappy sandals!

Vaniglia Del Madagascar-A must have for vanilla lovers! A rich blend of Madagascar vanilla orchid and vanilla bean with sensual amber background. An irresistable fragrance that is heady, luscious and very sexy. ( i profumi Firenze type)

Vanilla Fig - Deliciously smooth fig notes wrapped around a touch of muguet and gardenia delicately blended with a creamy rich vanilla. A must try!

Vanilla Junkie- Delectable French vanilla with hints of warm sugary syrup. Powdered sugar and sweet buttery cookie dough make this scent irresistible to the vanilla addict! (PT exclusive!)

Vanilla Lace- A sensual, sexy, sweet fragrance. Fresh airy, ozone top notes, middle notes of buttery rum, musk and vanilla at the base. A vanilla lover’s dream! (VS type)

Vanilla Pillows-Crisp and light butter cookies filled with vanilla cream. Than dusted in sweet confectioner’s sugar. Delicious alone or layered. ( A Patrician Treasure’s exclusive)New!

Vanilla Sandalwood - Sensuous, intoxicating, tear-his-clothes-off sexy scent! A perfect blend of down to earth woody sandalwood and musk sweetened with just the right balance of vanilla. Come indulge! This is a unisex aroma.

Vanilla Santal - A seductive and herbal vanilla, with woody notes. Unique and mysterious!

Vanille Abricot-Juicy Papaya, sugar vanilla, and apricot. A delicious scent! (Comptoir Sud Pacific type)

Vanille Noir-The elegant simplicity and comfort of vanilla. Rich bourbony vanilla with an incredible purity. No baked or butter notes , not a musky or perfumed vanilla. Notes of vanilla absolute, vanillan, bourbon, orchid and tonka bean.New!

Vintage Original Musk (Kiehl's Type) - A beautiful unisex fragrance with notes of patchouli, ylangylang, and rose to temper the musk. Warm and sensual it mellows beautifully on the skin!

Watermelon Bubblegum- Tart, sweet, and juicy watermelon blended with or bazooka bubble gum fragrance. A tempting treat.

Whispered Poetry - A delicate combination of honeysuckle, roses, and peonies on a bed of seductive sandalwood and vanilla. Celebrate your romantic side and before long he’ll be whispering sweet nothings in your ear. (A Patrician Treasures exclusive fragrance.)

White Christmas- A clean white floral blend of exotic tuberose, gardenia, confederate jasmine, and a sexy sheer white musk. A beautiful fragrance sure to be a favorite any time of year! ( PTexclusive)

White Cinnamon - A subtle cinnamon blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, cedarwood, sage tempered with very light florals of iris and violet. A very unique scent!

White Lilac - An overwhelmingly realistic lilac, with base notes of pink cyclamen. Bulgarian lavender, true lilac, white rose, white violet, sweet jasmine and cherry heliotrope finish this beautiful fragrance. A spectacular fragrance of Victorian white lilacs. Vintage romance!

Winter Rose- A dazzling combination of rich damask Rose, elegant tuberose, exotic spice, and deep erotic incense notes. This is a provocative fragrance impossible to ignore! (PTexclusive)

Zen Tea- A unique refreshing fragrance with notes of honey, sweet fresh tea, A little bit of floral, citrus and light woody notes. This fragrance has a spa like quality to it. Very fresh!

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