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Patrician Treasures

Columbia, South Carolina

New Fragrance Collections!!!

TheRegal Collection

Royal Collection

A Spring and Summer collection inspired by Nice France and the Mediterranean Coast.  Unparallelled beauty, seaside promenade and temperate climate make it the hot vacation spot for Aristocrats and Royals.  This collection features lush Flora of Roses, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Stefanotis and Pink Hibiscus with subtle and alluring tropical notes just perfect for the season. 

Nice Labelle - A perfect Mediterranean escape with notes of bergamot and clementine, apple, sweet melon water, peach, tropical franzipani, pink hibiscus, honeysuckle, warm notes of exotic woods and musk round out this succuently sexy fragrance.  (A Patrician Treasures Exclusive) 

Royal Wedding  - The delicate crush of pink and white roses, tempered by white exotic flowers with lush and beautiful base notes of vanilla, amber, patchouli and white musk whisper the promise of love everlasting.  (A Patrician Treasures Exclusive) 

Promenade Des Anglais - Literally means the walkway of the English.  With Nice being a popular holiday spot for the British, this is a fresh beachy scent with a warm complex drydown.  Notes of Sicilian Lemon, verbena, jasmine, hibiscus, heliotrope, amber and precious woods.  A beautiful, sexy and clean fragrance.  (A Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Venezia Collection

 Patrician Pallazzo – This is a simply lush fragrance that evokes the romantic atmosphere of a Patrician Palace.  Feel like a goddess in this stunning fragrance.  Notes of bergamot, citrus, jasmine, rose, tonka bean, musk, vanilla and patchouli.   (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Chiccolatta Calda – There’s nothing like the taste of rich thick dark Italian hot cocoa, especially in the fall and winter months in Venice.  The finest dark European chocolates, sweet heavy cream, vanilla and bean laced sugar.  This is a sinfully delicious indulgence.   (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Venezia Romantica- Romantic gondola rides through ancient corridors alive with music and pure magic.  Let the fragrance of Venezia Romantica take you there.  A fleury of shimmering white floral notes, Tuberose, soft white petal roses, heavenly stephanotis, jasmine and calla lily anchored in a sexy sheer white musk.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

La Strega- Born of the Goddess she weaves her magic spell.  With a twinkle in her eye she mixes potions to sell.  With wisdom and integrity she serves her people well.  Experience the magical notes in La Strega!  Crisp, ripe, juicy apple, magnolia blossoms, tuberose, dark red roses, deep resinous amber, sandlewood and lush vanilla. (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

 Aradia’s Potion– Be under her spell in a wickedly delicious blend of dark black raspberries, simmering with additional notes of vanilla, jasmine and blackberry.  Brewing under the surface are notes of patchouli and musk.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Venetian Sunset  - Whether walking in the breathtaking romantic courtyard of San Marcos Square or taking a gondola ride thru quiet canals and under bridges brimming with flowers, nothing can compare to the phenomenal site of a Venetian Sunset.  The blood red orange glow that blazes against gilded, lush and opulent buildings will mesmerize you.  You will be enraptured by this seductive fragrance as well.  With notes of Bergamot, sweet mango flesh, peach, Sicilian blood orange, rose, jasmine, iris, ripe fig, vanilla laced musk, candied rum, warm woods and dark amber.   (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)           

Opulence – A downright decadent blend of gilded floral, sumptuous fruit, rounded out with delicious notes of vanilla, caramel and rich amber.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Carnivale di Venezia - The spirit of Carnivale and it's splendor embodies this festive and playful fragrance.  The promise of romantic interludes hidden behind opulent Venetian masks and royal costumes.  Sweet and tempting notes of Bergamot, Sicilian orange, luscious red fruit, Mimosa, rare orchid, Tiare, sparkling champagne, vanilla and sandalwood.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)
Cupcake Collection


Samoa Cupcake:  Moist, warm chocolate cake oozing with a dreamy caramel center, lavished with a fluffy coconut cream frosting. (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Strawberry Dream:  Sinfully sweet strawberry jam filled white cake and frosted with marshmallow and vanilla cream.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Italian Rum Delight:  Creamy bourbon vanilla cake filled with decadent rum custard.  Slathered with a sweet delicate whipped topping and a touch of almond essence.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Coco Loco Cupcake:  Decadent Belgium chocolate cake with a hint of vanilla laced rum, dripping in a dark chocolate ganache topping.  This is a lethal dose of chocolate nirvana.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Pink Princess:  Delicate yellow cupcake topped with a sweet strawberry infused with pink butter cream icing.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Candy Coated Kisses:  Yummy vanilla cupcake topped with a sweet candy frosting reminiscent of old fashioned ribbon candy lollipops with a dollop of cotton candy whipped cream and sugar crystals.  Absolutely intoxicating!  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

De Lime and De Coconut:  Coconut cream cake with a candied lime infused whipped cream frosting.  Toasted coconut and dreamy white chocolate curls top this sinfully good dessert!  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Pumpkin Patch:  Rich, moist yellow cupcake and creamy sweet pumpkin topped with a dreamy butter cream frosting.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Monkey Business:  Yummy banana cream infused cupcake with a hint of rum slathered in mounds of vanilla bourbon frosting.  You will go bananas for this one!  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Mounds of Marshmallow:  Sweet angel food cake slathered in a mound of sugary, gooey marshmallow goodness.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Lemon Raspberry:  Fresh and creamy tart lemon cake with a raspberry jam filling topped with vanilla whipped cream frosting.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Everything Roses

"Everything's Comin' Up Roses"

Romantic Images of lushly rich and romantic European gardens come alive in this fragrant collection.  The exquisite rose reigns supreme in the garden and throughout history.  A symbol of love and romance never to be outdone.  Antique damask full petaled roses are known for their intoxicating perfume.  In this collection we have paired this gorgeous fragrance with an array of lovely floral, gourmand, fruit, deep woods and spice notes.

Style:  "Intoxicating, rich and romantic"

Candy Rose:  Sweet and sugary yet soft and sophisticated.  Yes you can have it all in this playful and elegant blend.  Patrician blend of roses, candied violets, sugar vanilla, amber and musk.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Exotic Rose:  A symphony of richly intoxicating red roses, intricately blended with intense and provocative white flowers.  Fresh orange mandarin and orange blossoms make this outstanding fragrance irresistible.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Moonlit Rose:  A midsummer nights garden whispering secrets and delighting the senses.  A full moon beckons with the promise of magic to come.  A beautiful blend of white and blood red roses, sugar cane, juicy ripe black raspberries, starfruit, patchouli, white musk and sandalwood.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Sweet Vanilla Rose:  A bestseller since it's inception, Sweet Vanilla Rose is a romantic blend of Antique Damask roses tempered with a sweet and light vanilla sugar essence.
(Patrician Treasures Exclusive

Heavenly  Collection

"The Heavenly Collection"

Resplendent Summer days spent lying on white sandy beaches.  The aroma of rich, heady, exotic white floral entice your senses.  Your deepest desires rippling under the surface of azure blue waters.  A moment only to be described as heavenly....  Experience a little Heaven on Earth with the Patrician Treasures, "Heavenly Collection"

Style:  "Feminine, Exotic and Sparkling!"


Heavenly - Notes of Bulgarian Rose, Tuberose, Calla-Lilly, Gardenia, Iris, Lotus, Mandarin, Musk, Warm Woods.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Summerland - Notes of White Fleur, Pink Jasmine, Sparkling Citrus, Summer Fruit, Egyptian Musk and Golden Amber.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Nirvana - Notes of Exotic White Fleur, Ylang-Ylang, Neroli, Orange Flower, Vanilla Absolute, Musk and Warm Woods.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Cherub Wings - Notes of White Fleur, Bulgarian Rose, Lotus, Vanilla Sugar, Coconut Milk, Musk and Warm Woods.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

"The OMG Collection"

A vibrant collection of intense Summer fruit fragrances.  Ripe and rich juicy fruit blended brilliantly with subtle floral notes, creating an intoxicating and deeply sensual experience not to be forgotten. 

Style:  "Intense, Vibrant and Sensual"

Double Rainbow:  Decadent doses of sweet mango, papaya, cantaloupe and pineapple enmeshed in subtle notes of jasmine, ti are and magnolia blossoms.  What does this mean?  To simply awaken your senses to the power of nature and the passion that follows.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive

Luscious Lime:  A playful blend of candied lime slices and crystallized sugar infused with sparkling citrus, jasmine and gardenia petals smoldering with a rich amber, patchouli, sandalwood and Haitian vertiver drydown.  Fresh and fruity, yet intensely alluring.   (Patrician Treasures Exclusive

Orgasmic Orange:  Succulent blood oranges meet sweet fleshy ripe orange pulp in a symphony of ambrosia, juicy orange peel and blooming orange blossoms.  Sexy, seductive and totally wearable orange!  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive

Randy Raspberry:  Plump and juicy black raspberries bathed in luscious sugar cream and soothing vanilla notes.  Dark secrets abound in this truly seductive blend.  A tempting raspberry tart yet sweet melange.  Notes of blackberries and amber make this a positively sexy blend that is sure to bring about sheer lust in your significant other! 
(Patrician Treasures Exclusive


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