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Patrician Treasures

Columbia, South Carolina

Welcome to Patrician Treasures!
Specializing in luscious Bath and Body products
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             "Everything's Comin' Up Roses"

Romantic Images of lushly rich and romantic European gardens come alive in this fragrant collection.  The exquisite rose reigns supreme in the garden and throughout history.  A symbol of love and romance never to be outdone.  Antique damask full petaled roses are known for their intoxicating perfume.  In this collection we have paired this gorgeous fragrance with an array of lovely floral, gourmand, fruit, deep woods and spice notes.

Style:  "Intoxicating, rich and romantic"

Candy Rose:  Sweet and sugary yet soft and sophisticated.  Yes you can have it all in this playful and elegant blend.  Patrician blend of roses, candied violets, sugar vanilla, amber and musk.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Exotic Rose:  A symphony of richly intoxicating red roses, intricately blended with intense and provocative white flowers.  Fresh orange mandarin and orange blossoms make this outstanding fragrance irresistible.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Moonlit Rose:  A midsummer nights garden whispering secrets and delighting the senses.  A full moon beckons with the promise of magic to come.  A beautiful blend of white and blood red roses, sugar cane, juicy ripe black raspberries, starfruit, patchouli, white musk and sandalwood.  (Patrician Treasures Exclusive)

Sweet Vanilla Rose:  A bestseller since it's inception, Sweet Vanilla Rose is a romantic blend of Antique Damask roses tempered with a sweet and light vanilla sugar essence.
(Patrician Treasures Exclusive

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